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Common Takeoff Tools

Takeoff Monkey blog image: Common Takeoff Tools; construction plans with a tape measurer and pen on top of a table
Photo by Anete Lusina


We've defined what a material takeoff is but what tools do estimators need to complete a construction takeoff? Our team of industry experts has curated a list of typical items required for estimators to do their job. The following are common aides for the takeoff process:

  1. Plans and specifications: Documents providing the details of the construction project, including a scope of work, dimensions, materials, and finishes.

  2. Measuring tools: You'll need measuring tools such as a tape measure, laser level, and scale ruler to accurately measure the quantities of materials needed for the project.

  3. Estimating software: Estimating software can help you calculate the quantities of materials needed and generate cost estimates based on current market prices.

  4. Pricing database: You'll need a pricing database to look up the cost of materials and labor to accurately estimate the cost of the project.

  5. Calculator: A calculator is needed to perform calculations for area estimates.

  6. Spreadsheet software: Spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can be used to organize and analyze data related to the project, such as materials and labor costs.

  7. Communication tools: Email, phone, and video conferencing are used to communicate with clients, architects, and contractors to clarify project details and obtain information.

  8. Experience and expertise: It's essential to have experience and expertise in construction takeoffs to accurately estimate the materials and labor needed for a project.


Takeoff Monkey blog header image: Common Takeoff Tools; an architect sits at a computer desk, writing an idea in their notebook
Photo by Karolina Grabowska


Our team at Takeoff Monkey can help you with steps 2-8 above. Once you provide plans and specifications, we'll handle the rest of the takeoff process. We compile your takeoff with the help of estimating software. Our team primarily works in On Screen Takeoff (OST). The plans are marked up and quantities calculated within 48-hours of your project submittal.


Takeoff Monkey sample deliverables package link from DropBox
Takeoff Monkey project deliverables tutorial


Your final delivery package, sent straight to your inbox as a Dropbox link, includes a pdf of finalized plans and an Excel document with final quality counts. The plans we give you will have your logo stamped on each page instead of ours and we're be happy to annotate any further notes your team needs. We understand the importance of accurate estimates. When you open your final takeoff deliverable, it's ready to share with your client. The takeoff has gone through multiple quality assurance checks to ensure it meets our high standard of precision.