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Scoring Big: Becoming the Quarterback of your Business


At Takeoff Monkey, we understand the challenges your business encounters when it comes to winning a bid. Don’t let uncertainty and inefficiency keep your business on the sidelines. Takeoff Monkey has the game-changing playbook YOU need to gain access to invaluable data and reports that will transform your bidding and business strategy.

 Just as a sports calendar is filled with games, your company and estimators likely have a bustling schedule. Have you taken a timeout to look at the breakdown of where your company time is spent? Evaluate your current workload and commitments? What segments of your business are trending with the highest profit margins? Where would you start to pull the necessary data required to evaluate these critical aspects of your business and make informed decisions for growth and improvement? Takeoff Monkey is your answer! Our exclusive dashboards provide reporting that stands head and shoulders above anyone in the industry, setting a new standard for excellence.

 When it comes to winning, every exceptional sports team changes and evolves its tactics in the heat of competition. Flexibility is key to delivering quality, accurate bids and distinguishing yourself from the competition. Using Takeoff Monkey for your CRM and bid tracking, you’ll have the ability to see real-time data such as the number of projects you bid by month, the number of jobs bid by each estimator, hot spot heat map of project locations, the number of projects complete on time vs late, your top 10 clients, project completion counts by day and more! As shown in the pictures below, this invaluable information gives you the competitive edge to adjust your bidding priorities as new opportunities arise or circumstances change. Athletes aren’t born with the complete mastery and expertise needed to excel. They rely on their coaches to steer them towards victory and reach the pinnacle of performance. Takeoff Monkey stands as your “Head Coach” empowering you with the essential tools for achieving a Super Bowl level of success.

 Remember, prioritizing your bidding is a game of strategy. With the right game plan and a well-thought-out playbook, you can navigate the bidding field with confidence. With Takeoff Monkey in your back pocket, you’ll strengthen the relationships with your clients and win more bids, skyrocketing your success in the industry. Don’t stay on the bench; it’s time to step onto the field and make the winning decision to partner with Takeoff Monkey.

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