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Takeoff Monkey's Favorite Takeoff Software: OST

Takeoff Monkey blog header image: Screenshot from landscape takeoff in OST software
OST Software: Sample Takeoff Monkey project


Landscape architects, commercial contractors, and estimators each deal with material takeoffs during the construction pre-bidding project stage. To increase the reliability of their bids, many use takeoff software to estimate the materials quantities needed. At Takeoff Monkey, we favor one software in particular: OST.

OST stands for On-Screen Takeoff. The software allows estimators to take measurements directly from digital blueprints and plans, and automatically calculates the quantity of materials needed for a project. This eliminates the need for manual takeoffs using paper plans, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. The estimator digitally maps the area needed per item in OST and the software generates a count list live while you work.


Takeoff Monkey blog: Takeoff Monkey's Favorite Takeoff Software OST: GIF of OST software
Takeoff Monkey sample project for material takeoff in OST


You're able to draw up takeoffs for landscape designs (both soft and hardscaping), irrigation designs, landscape maintenance, and other trades. Takeoff Monkey's specialty is division 32: exterior improvements. This division includes site enhancements like pavement and landscaping.

OST software typically includes features such as measurement tools. Other features our team has grown to love include: 

  • OST's user-friendly interface
  • Sharable licensing
  • A one-time license fee
  • Zoning ability: aides with material order placing and dividing up a project into phases or areas

Takeoff Monkey uses industry standard technology and software to ensure your takeoffs are completed to the best of our ability. Our color-coded documents are easy to read and quickly communicate estimated budgets, counts and designs. By providing you with meticulous materials counts, your bid will likely impress stakeholders with your attention to detail.


Takeoff Monkey blog: Takeoff Monkey's Favorite Takeoff Software OST: GIF of OST software, landscape design
Takeoff Monkey sample project for landscape takeoff in OST


Our team is briefed on each client project prior to starting drawings. We adopt your standard operating procedures into our project workflow to make certain any additional notes or specifications you have are embedded in your final deliverables. Any callouts about details of the plan can and will be included as an addendum or directly on the plans page.

OST software can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of material takeoffs, which is an essential component of construction estimating. By automating the takeoff process and eliminating manual errors, OST software can help estimators save time and ensure accurate material estimates, leading to better project outcomes. By taking the additional step and outsourcing your takeoff process to the dedicated team of experts at Takeoff Monkey you're making the same decision as countless others to enhance your project bid with an exceptional material takeoff.