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Top 3 Benefits of Takeoffs for Commercial Construction Projects

Takeoff Monkey blog: Top three benefits of takeoffs for commercial construction projects. Individual sitting at a desk overwhelmed by data.


As construction projects scale, so does the importance of accuracy. Project owners want to know their pre-construction bids are close to the actual project cost. Inaccuracies early in the estimating process cost more later down the line. They warp timelines, increase change orders, and intrude on budget contingencies.

Since commercial construction is typically larger in scale than residential projects, the error for margin shrinks as project costs rise. Estimators use takeoffs to support their project bids for numerous areas of the project's scope: landscaping, irrigation, concrete and numerous other divisions. Takeoff Monkey has identified the top three reasons why commercial construction projects benefit from material takeoffs:

  1. Accurate cost estimations

  2. Attainable project timelines

  3. Risk management

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Accurate Cost Estimations

Material takeoffs are a crucial part of any commercial construction landscape project, especially during the early planning stages. A material takeoff is an itemized list of all the materials required to complete a specific project. It includes the quantities, sizes, and types of materials needed to complete the project, such as plants, trees, irrigation systems, hardscape materials, and lighting fixtures. The material takeoff provides a detailed cost estimate, which is necessary to create a budget for the project.

Knowing the cost of the project early on allows the project team more time to adjust their plans, if necessary, to ensure the project remains within the proposed budget. By having a clear understanding of the cost of the materials needed, the project team can make informed decisions about the design and scope of the project, which ultimately helps them to manage the project more effectively.


Attainable Project Timelines

Budget isn't the only concern for project owners though. Contractors can help their clients stay on schedule with detailed material takeoffs. By having a detailed list of the materials required to complete the project, the team can ensure that they have all the materials ready to go before they break groundKnowing what materials are needed early in the project timeline helps contractors avoid costly setbacks from seemingly imminent supply chain delays.


Risk Management

Material takeoffs also provide a clear understanding of the project's scope. By identifying all the materials required to complete the project, the project team can get a clearer picture of what the project will entail. Takeoffs help contractors recognize potential risks and challenges associated with the project. This information can be used to develop a risk management plan to mitigate any threats and ensure that the project is completed successfully, on time and on budget.

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Clearly material takeoffs are an essential component of commercial construction projects. With a comprehensive materials list of everything required to complete the project, contractors can create an accurate cost estimate and develop a budget for their project bid. Because material takeoffs provide a clear understanding of the project's scope, project managers can identify and address potential challenges early on. Owners benefit from a well-informed bid from your team increasing your chances of winning the project.

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